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Char Sui Pork

Char Sui Pork can be found all over Hawaii from Bento Box's at gas stations to family diners. Traditionally brought to the islands by the Chinese you can find this delicious meat in Chow Fun, Manapua, or along side the Roast Duck and Ginger Chicken at local Chinese restaurants. We invite you to try out this homemade version of this classic Chinese dish the next time you get that Chinese food craving!!!


*Cook times will vary depending on oven*

Step 1

In a small bowl combine Kikkoman, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Five Spice, Mirin and 1 tablespoon Honey reserve the other tablespoon of honey for glazing . Place Pork in a large ZipLock bag and pour the marinade into the bag then marinate pork for 24-48 hours.

Step 2

Preheat oven to 400 degrees wrap pork in heavy duty foil leaving only the top exposed. Place the pork in the oven and bake for 1 hour, flip the pork over after 30 minutes and resume cooking for the rest of the hour. Once the hour has finished, remove the pork from the foil and place it on a baking rack. Let pork rest for 20 minutes. Reserve one tablespoon of drippings that has accumulated in the foil.

Step 3

Preheat the ovens broiler, combine 1 tablespoon honey and drippings in a small bowl. Use a Basting Brush to glaze the pork, place the pork under the broiler for approximately 4 minutes per side. After 8 minutes remove pork and rest for 20-30 minutes, before serving slice Char Sui and serve immediately.

Makes 2-3 Servings

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