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  •  We are currently only servicing customers living within the Hawaiian Islands. Mainland customers can contact us directly to discuss different shipping options, however a minimum purchase of 100 dollars of product is required and different shipping rates will be applied.

  • All of our orders are shipped out in Medium Flat Rate USPS boxes and are sent out completely frozen and are packed with a minimum of two frozen gel cooling packs to ensure safe arrival. Shipping Fee includes a Handling charge of ($11.70), this price includes the cost of all shipping materials ( frozen cooling packs and insulated box liner )and payment processing. 

  • DISCLAIMER: Price of products may fluctuate slightly from time to time due to the unstable market in the Pork Industry. In order to provide the highest quality and most affordable products we can, we are willing to sacrifice some profit and try to keep inflation to a minimum. Please pardon the inconvenience. Mahalo! 

Returns and Refunds:


  • If your product is spoiled, damaged, or missing entirely it will be fully replaced and re-sent or if requested by you, we can have a refund put into place.

  • In the event that your package does not arrive or arrives late and or warm or spoiled you are advised to contact us via phone or by email and we can discuss whether you would like a refund or try and have your package resent. 

For Missing or Damaged Orders:

Please contact us at 1-808-572-7458 or email


* Notice * to customers

As we further venture into providing or customers with online purchasing options, we are tirelessly looking for new ways to best serve our valued customers. Currently we are using USPS Flat Rate Shipping System to keep overall cost as low as possible. Through our numerous years of shipping boxes off-island we have concluded that NO box is guaranteed to arrive on the expected delivery date. What we CAN guarantee is that we will put forth our best effort to serve you!


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