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Aloha, and welcome! Thank you for coming by and checking us out. Here you can find a list all of our amazing products that you can have sent directly to your door!!!

Aloha Links is a family owned business located in beautiful Pukalani, Hawai'i. We have been serving the community here on Maui for the past 22 years. During that time we have built strong bonds with our customers, and have witnessed countless local families grow right before our eyes. All the while, we have stayed true to our company and family vision. Our goal is to spread aloha, THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY, through sharing not only our awesome products but also our family's true Aloha Spirit.


So please, head on over to the " SHOP " page and choose from any of our delicious packages and take yourself back to the days of cruising with grandma and grandpa, back to the days when going to the beach was your main concern, and back to the days of the family barbecues and kanikapila in the backyard. Take a step back, and have a true taste of ALOHA from our family to yours!!

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